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20* Heat/Celtics NBA Sharp Money Premium Play **62% L170 NBA**

**#6 Ranked NBA Capper**
**#4 Ranked Overall Capper**

**#3 Ranked NBA Capper in 2010-11**
**#4 Ranked NBA Capper in 2012-13**
**#8 Ranked NBA Capper in 2009-10**
**#2 Ranked Overall Capper in 2017**
**#6 Ranked Overall Capper in 2016**
**#7 Ranked Overall Capper in 2019**
**#10 Ranked Overall Capper in 2009**
**#10 Ranked Overall Capper in 2013**

Steve Janus is a proven expert in the NBA! He's working on a 62% (106-65) Over L171 NBA Picks! This hot streak has his $1,000 Players Up $35,110!

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to build your ...

20* Heat/Celtics ABC No-Brainer! (#1 NBA All-Time, HOT 91-53 NBA Run)

No. 2 Ranked Overall Capper All-Time! Jack Jones has absolutely CRUSHED the books over the past 57 months! He is riding a 2847-2443 Run L1715 Days on all premium plays that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $192,870!

No. 1 Ranked NBA Capper All-Time! Jack Jones has put together a 2236-1896 NBA Run long-term that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $198,380! He is a 5-Time Top 10 NBA Capper (#1 2012-13, #2 2020-21, #3 2017-18, #8 2008-09, #10 2015-16) as well! He is also on a 528-403 ...

TOP 10* NBA *Playoff PAYOFF* 100% PERFECT!

3-0 / 100% PERFECT with ALL PLAYOFF picks yesterday as he went 2-0 in NHL and 1-0 in NBA but, though it was a WINNING Sunday, it was overall only a 4-3 day. Speaking of WINNING, he is UP HUGE in 2022 and also WON $103,629 from 2018 to 2020 with ALL 3 YEARS being WINNING YEARS! Look for 2022 to MAKE IT 4 OF 5 BIG YEARS! Playoff PAYOFF ready! 100%!

Red Dog Sports 10* NBA Best Bet (only $20)

RED DOG SPORTS won Saturday with Miami/Boston over 207. They are now 3-1 in the last 4 NBA picks and +3511 since September in all sports. They have a 10* BEST BET going in the MIAMI at BOSTON game set for Monday. Only $20. Heat or Celtics?


It's been a miserable start to the Conference Finals, but I'm still up $24,330 in NBA this season! In the playoffs, I've been quite impressive with totals, cashing seven of the last nine! Let's start the week with a BIG ONE! Heat-Celtics Game 4 will be my STRONGEST O/U BET of the series to date!


After COMPLETELY dominating April, it's been MORE OF THE SAME this month from Power Sports In fact, he is poised to be EVEN MORE PROFITABLE in May! Now up $31,296 in ALL sports since April 1st!

Though he was 1-1 in NBA last night, it was a 4-2 Sunday overall. Tonight, Power has a TOP RATED *10* on the MIA/BOS GM 4 total -- he's 7-2 L9 NBA Totals!

ASA's NBA 10* Situational Slam! 19-4 / 83%!

ASA 19-4 L23 NBA and 15-9 L24 MLB for RED HOT RUN entering Sun Nt after 2-0 SWEEP Sat but MLB day game Sun fell short. MASSIVE SEASONS continue! All sports 35-14 / 71% run entering Sun Nt and the VALUE is OFF THE CHARTS with the NBA match-up Monday! ASA is having a MAY for the AGES! Entered Sunday on an 8-0 run in NBA and 19-4 last 23 NBA for 83%!


One swing of the bat turned a sweet 6-2 Sunday into a disappointing 4-4 one. While Ben Burns was 3-1 with his "top rated" plays, the lone loss (Dallas) came on the hardwood. Factoring in yesterday's defeat, *10* hoops are on a long term $121,850 PROFIT RUN. Ben bounces back and begins the new week with a BIG "W." Enough's enough. LET'S DO THIS!


Mike and his client took one on the shin on Sunday as they suffered the dreadful reverse sweep. We all know what that means though; a HUGE bounce-back day is in the cards Monday! Do yourself and your bankroll a favor; invest in this premium pick and build your bankroll with one of the best in the business.

The package is GUARANTEED TO SHOW A PROFIT or Mike's next NBA card will be added to your account FREE of charge.

Fargo's 10* NBA Eastern Conf. Game of the Week (5-1 Run)

5-1 NBA Run! Matt is coming off a loss with the Mavericks on Sunday and he is ready to get it back. He is on a solid 95-80 NBA Run and looks to continue the postseason with another winning ticket. He has a Top Play going Monday with his NBA Eastern Conference Game of the Week so do not miss out. Grab a subscription and do not miss a single play!

NBA Eastern Conference Finals G4 Game of the Year!

Nice 5-2 NBA run and unloading on this one. Join me for the winning ride!

R&R Totals TOP NBA Over-Under Monday *1640-1460 Run*!

**#10 ranked NBA in 2018-19**
**#2 ranked Overall in 2015**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#10 ranked Overall in 2008**

R&R Totals has a TOP NBA Over-Under for Monday! Now an impressive 1640-1460 (53%) over his last 3269 OVERALL picks! Join us and make money like the $1,000 per game clients who are up $57,930 since May 05, 2018!

Remember, our plays come GUARANTEED TO WIN!

10* RED DRAGON (+$59,000 NBA RUN!)

AAA Sports got back to its winning ways with a 2-1 card on Sunday. While they dropped their MLB game, they're still 43-30 with ALL MLB this season. They're also now on a SICK +$59.000 long-term NBA streak! And now they UP THE ANTE and PUSH ALL IN on Monday night with another TERRIFIC TRIFECTA OF TOP TIER TICKETS! Be there!

**42-21 NBA Top Plays** Eastern Conf Finals (Game 4) MAX UNIT Top Play!

Don't miss out on your chance to cash in big with Lee's Eastern Conf Finals (Game 4) MAX UNIT Top Play!

**58% (104-73) L177 NBA Picks**

**67% (42-21) L63 NBA Top Plays**

**Top 15 NBA Capper 2021-22**

       **In Depth Analysis Included With Each Pick**

You are GUARANTEED TO PROFIT or you will get Lee's next NBA card for FREE!

NBA Heat v. Celtics *695-528* Monday!

**#1 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2010**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2021**


Johnny Banks is on an EPIC 695-530 (57%) run over his last 1242 NBA picks! Johnny Banks has made $1,000/game bettors $81,750 since June 14, 2021 with his Spread on Heat v. Celtics!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or the next day is FREE!

NBA Warriors v. Mavs *923-741* Tuesday!

**#1 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2010**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2021**


Johnny Banks is on an EPIC 923-741 (55%) run over his last 1694 NBA picks! Johnny Banks has made $1,000/game bettors $78,280 since June 14, 2021 with his Money Line on Warriors v. Mavs!

As always, this play comes GUARANTEED TO WIN or the next day is FREE!

Stephen Nover's NBA Monday Top Ticket - 23-12 (66%) NBA Playoffs!

Long-time NBA guru Stephen Nover continues to dominate the playoffs raising his hot streak to 23-12 for 66 percent after cashing a Max Unit Sunday winner on the Under in the Warriors-Mavericks game. Stick with Stephen as he has another Max Unit winner on today's Heat-Celtics matchup. Stephen sees things others don't and the result has been huge profits! Take advantage of his expertise, elite analysis and powerhouse track record to score another Max Unit winner!

Rob V: 100% Round 3 NBA Playoff GAME OF THE YEAR

$$ NBA Conf. SEMIFINAL GOY with NEVER lost Banger System $$

** NBA top PLAYS $$ 76% Last 4 Years **

On Monday Rob has his Conference Semifinal ROUND 3 GAME OF THE YEAR. This BANGER has an UNDEFEATED System Included along with a POWERFUL Analysis and a PERFECT Indicator. Put the POWER of this EXCLUSIVE Data on your Side tonight.

**60% (58-39) NBA Playoffs in 2022** Heat/Celtics SIDE & TOTAL Package!

*#4 RANKED CAPPER 2020* Jeff Alexander's and his $1,000 Players Profited $46,000 last year! This is no fluke, Jeff's clients are up $146,000 long-term!

Unload on your bookie with Jeff's Heat/Celtics SIDE & TOTAL Package!

**8x Top 10 NBA (#2 2015-16, #2 2009-10, #3 2013-14, #5 2018-19, #5 2016-17, #5 2008-09, #7 2011-12, #8 2019-20)**

**#2 NBA in Long-Term Profits (+$160K)**

**60% (58-39) NBA Playoffs in 2022**

Jeff GUARANTEES TO PROFIT or you get Jeff's next NBA card absolutely ...

Larry's 10* Situational Stunner-NBA (7-0?)

Larry lost with Dallas last night but since May 1, this 38-year vet is 15-6, +$8,515 (at $100/unit) with all NBA. Larry expects to bounce right back on Monday with a top-rated 10* Situational Stunner on Miami/Boston Game 4. He's won SIX straight NBA Situational Stunners going back to April 26th, so "DON'T miss out!" Can you say SEVEN in a row?